Hunting with us!

Hunting conditions in our areas are very much the same as in the southern part of Texas.

The best practical time for hunting in this area is between April and August when day’s are good and nights are cool. The visibility then are much better and animals are spotted much easier.Hunting is done the way you like it walk-and –stalk, blinds and vehicles. We at Ingwe Hunting Safaris cater for rifle- bow- and black power hunters. Green hunts can also be arranged (on request). At Ingwe Hunting Safaris we hunt on foot ,but use opportunities on trophy animals as they arise. Don't be sorry....

Ingwe Hunting Safaris make use of privately owned concessions and therefore can offer you a wide variety of game and good trophies. Research have shown that there are now more animals in this area than 50 years ago because of this system. In 2006 the black rhino was set out to be hunted for the first since it was banned.

The Ellisras area is one of the most popular hunting areas in South Africa because of the high population and quality of trophy animals. Other areas may offer you a cheaper hunt but the quality of the animals might not be on the same standard.

This area offers 28 different species of animals which can be hunted. While you hunt for one species you will encounter others as well.Because hunting is a traditional sport, we at Ingwe Hunting Safaris love it when traditions are carried over and enjoy it when fathers hunt with their children, that is the only way to ensure that this sport will survive.

Come and enjoy the magic of African hunting – the art of tracking by our experienced trackers. It is magic how they can identify the specific track that you are looking for between hundreds of others and then find the right animal a distance away.